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TEL 0185-24-4700 (from 8:30 to 17:00)

Access & Traffic Information
From Outside the Prefecture to Akita & the Oga Peninsula

  1. From outside the prefecture to the Oga Peninsula
  2. Travel information for around the Oga area
Information updated as of July, 2017. ※Since the information on this page is subject to change, please confirm all travel details beforehand.
Oga's Location

By Train to Akita & Oga


Akita Bullet Train (Komachi)

Tokyo - Akita15 round-trips per dayApproximately 4 hours
Sendai - Akita1 round-trip per dayApproximately 2.5 hours

Akita Station - Oga Station (JR Oga Line)

Traveling from Akita Station, there are 4 stations within the Oga area on the JR Oga Line. These are Funakoshi, Wakimoto, Hadate, Oga Station sequentially traveling from the Akita direction. It is common to get off at the terminal point "Oga Station".

Akita Station - Oga Station15 round-trips per dayApproximately 1 hour

By Air to Akita & Oga

By Air to Akita & Oga

→Akita Airport

Tokyo (Haneda)JAL, ANANine flights a day65 minutes
Sapporo (New Chitose)JAL, ANAFour flights a day55 minutes
Osaka (Itami)JAL, ANASix flights a day80 minutes
Nagoya (chyubu international)ANATwo flights a day85 minutes

→Odate Noshiro Airport

Tokyo (Haneda)ANATwo flights a dayApproximately 70 minutes

Akita Airport → Oga

Akita Airport Liner Taxi Service

The Akita Airport Liner service is available from Akita Airport and it is possible to travel directly to Oga via the "Oga Peninsula Issue" service which departs from and arrives at Akita Airport. Please confirm travel rates on the Akita Airport Liner homepage (in Japanese.)

Akita Airport → JR Akita Station → JR Oga Station

There is a regular Limousine Bus service that runs between Akita Airport and Akita Station (journey time: approximately 40 minutes.) Akita Station - Oga Station information is here.

Rental Cars

Both Akita and Odate Noshiro have rent-a-car facilities located near the airports. Akita Airport - Oga is approximately 1.5 hours by car

By Car to Oga


Tohoku Expressway Northern JCT → Akita Expressway → Showa Oga Peninsula IC. It is approximately a 20 minute drive to Oga after exiting from the expressway.

Travel Times from Neighboring Prefectures to Oga

The indicated travel times below are calculated as follows: Use of highway roads (traveling at an average speed of 80 km/h) · Use of general roads (traveling at an average speed of 40 km/h).

AkitaAkita CityApproximately 40kmApproximately 1 hourRoute 7
AomoriAomori CityApproximately 170kmApproximately 3.5 hoursRoute 7
Hirosaki CityApproximately 140kmApproximately 2.5 hoursRoute 7
IwateMorioka CityApproximately 220kmApproximately 3 hoursRoute 46
YamagataSakata CityApproximately 160kmApproximately 3.5 hoursRoute 7
Yamagata CityApproximately 260kmApproximately 5 hoursRoute 13
MiyagiSendai CityApproximately 300kmApproximately 4 hoursTohoku Expressway

Travel Times to Oga from Around Akita Prefecture

All travel times are calculated to and from the Oga Tourist Information Center. The indicated travel times below are calculated as follows: Use of highway roads (traveling at an average speed of 80 km/h) · Use of general roads (traveling at an average speed of 40 km/h).

Akita StationApproximately 30kmApproximately 40 minutes
Akita AirportApproximately 50kmApproximately 1 hour
Ogata-mura (Ogata Service Area)Approximately 16kmApproximately 20 minutes
Noshiro CityApproximately 40kmApproximately 50 minutes
Hachimori Hatahata MuseumApproximately 65kmApproximately 1.3 hours
Shirakami-Sanchi (World Heritage Center Fujisato Hall)Approximately 70kmApproximately 1.5 hours
Lake TowadaApproximately 140kmApproximately 3 hours
Lake TazawaApproximately 100kmApproximately 2 hours
KakunodateApproximately 80kmApproximately 1.6 hours
Akita Furusato Village (Yokote)Approximately 100kmApproximately 1.3 hours
Yurihonjo CityApproximately 65kmApproximately 1 hour
Kisakata Nemuno Hill Service AreaApproximately 90kmApproximately 1.6 hours
Mount ChokaiApproximately 145kmApproximately 3 hours
Ogachi Service AreaApproximately 125kmApproximately 1.6 hours
Akinomiya Hot Spring VillageApproximately 140kmApproximately 2 hours

Please click on the links to confirm routes with Google Maps.

By Ferry to Akita & Oga


By Ferry to Akita (Akita Port)

It takes approximately 30 minutes by car from Akita Port to Oga.

Tsuruga - Akita / via Niigata (approximately 20 hours)

[Tsuruga] Monday 10:00 Departure → [Niigata] arrival at 22:30 → [Akita] next day arrival at 5:40
[Akita] Sunday 8:35 Departure → [Niigata] arrival at 15:30 → [Tsuruga] next day arrival at 5:30

Niigata - Akita (approximately 6 hours)

[Niigata] Monday to Saturday 23:05 Departure → [Akita] next day arrival at 5:40
[Akita] Tuesday to Sunday 8:35 Departure → [Niigata] arrival at 15:30

Tomakomai Eastern Port - Akita (approximately 10 hours)

[Tomakomai Eastern Port] Monday to Saturday 19:30 Departure → [Akita] next day arrival at 7:35
[Akita] Tuesday to Sunday 6:50 Departure → [Tomakomai Eastern Port] arrival at 17:20

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