Oga-shi, Akita
Sports camps
Invitation promotion business subsidy

We support camps that group performs in Oga-shi such as sports, cultural activities out of Oga-shi.
This camp assistance system sports camp not only so that "there is sports and club activities but also
Seminar and circle performing culture, artwork are targeted for assistance.
We save camp expense, and we upgrade with luxurious rice, and how to use is various.
"Sports camps utilize invitation promotion business subsidy", and please lodge together in Oga.

Object and supporting sum

Primary schoolchild out of Oga-shi is more than in
Group of sports or cultural activities
National convention, Tohoku meeting, prefecture qualifier meet participation excludes (voluntary meeting, festival meet is excluded)
Camp that is held at the accommodations in Oga-shi
Facility which is concerned with hotel sales people to prescribe in target facility / hotel business method (1948 law 138th) Article 2
Facility concerned with inn sales people or facility which is concerned with simple accommodations sales people ※Campground, bungalow is inapplicable
Targeting at camps more than 5 hotel guest
We assist to upper limit 250,000 yen

30 hotel guests are younger

Speak; the number of the hotel guests

*1,000 yen
It is OK in a night! Camp of a night assists 10,000 yen in people from example /10

Hotel guests more than stay for 3 days more than 30 people

Speak object; the number of the people of consecutive stay

*1,500 yen
Camp of stay for 3 days assists 30 X 3 X 1500 = 135,000 yen in people from example /30

Other requirements

  • ※5 ostensible reason applies to supervisors
  • ※In 1 group in 1 only as for once
  • ※We occupy as soon as budget disappears, and nothing is heard after the fact
  • ※It is not profit activity
  • ※Other city expenses are not included in operating cost
  • ※Camp to be finished by March 31 of the conduct year

Flow of application

  1. Application
    ※Please consult about notification before application beforehand by all means
  2. Notice of decision
  3. In the case of change
  4. Conduct of camp
  5. Results report
    ※It is less than ten days after camp
  6. Grant of subsidy