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TEL 0185-24-4700 (from 8:30 to 17:00)

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We are raising blog which information sends from Oga! Please contact "me from form that blog of Oga" or one feels free to contact.
※It is limited to blog of company with office in Oga-shi residence, Oga-shi

Of sea breeze, older brother "fishing is spirit!"
yomoyama talk which manager, older brother Kazuhisa of fishing shop sea breeze talks about with fishing information...
Blog full of sightseeing information of Oga bath - Oga-shi, Akita
It will be view "from now on" with "now" of Oga including tourist attraction, traditional event, meal, seasonal scenery of Oga...
Oga Aquarium GAO Homepage
Oga-shi, Akita, Oga aquarium GAO of Oga Peninsula. It is intellect and others with state of every day and creatures of GAO...
Blog of Oga synthesis tourist information center
Big Namahage statue of two popular name "Namahage bureaus" located at entrance of Oga Peninsula is mark...
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