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Disposition T-shirt first - buriko soul of Oga

  • 2011-06-20 contribution: Oga navi


Disposition T-shirt first - buriko soul of Oga
This yellowtail of standfish of Oga; untie; there should be tenaciously.

Without yielding to earthquake disaster and the bad times to continue afterwards.
Like strong tenacity of specialty of Oga standfish buriko
Please get over this difficult situation tenaciously.
We made disposition T-shirt of Oga where we put such a message on.

Body color reproduces the sea of Oga that sandfish swims in trendy sieve roux (slightly rather deep light blue) this year

Number of sheets-limited / one 2,500 yen
Request by Oga nabi mail order

Disposition T-shirt first - buriko soul of Oga


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