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We made mail-order catalog which attracted special dishes of Oga that Oga was proud of

  • 2012-01-12 contribution: Oga navi

Oga specialties back order catalogue (PDF/2.4MB)

During last year, very many customers use Oga nabi mail order and express sincere appreciation on this occasion.
In this year, Oga nabiga this adds best product of Oga that thinks this to be to lineup more and thinks that we can send charm of Oga to more customers.

By the way, we produced Oga nabidehakonotabi, "Oga specialties back order catalogue" which we introduced special dish of Oga of gooseberry in more. We select carefully, and person and famous person and all unknown introduce "only special dish of Oga" which Oga boasts of.

If there is opportunity to meet eyes by all means including each tourist information center and Oga Onsenkyo in Oga-shi as we put catalogue around Oga, we are happy if you can see for hand.

Expansion of one piece of article publication product wants to wrestle for introduction of product product of Oga excited at convenience more more including plan of Oga nabideshika gift set not to be able to buy from the start in future.
We look forward to your use.

Product product back order catalogue December, 2011 version /PDF2 .4MB of Oga

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