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TEL 0185-24-4700 (from 8:30 to 17:00)

Latest Sightseeing Information of Oga

We publish event and topic of Oga area in cooperation of sightseeing in Oga nabito Oga-shi section.
Please consult with reference of mention about inquiry about each event.

Timetable, connection chart of JR, route bus

  • 2014-04-07 contribution: Oga navi

Of inquiry great from customer it is a lot
To answer question to "want to finally return to Akita using JR and route bus visiting Oga"
We added page that the time, connection of JR Oga Line, route bus could glance through to Oga nabino access, traffic information.

Of the Nyudozaki-Cape area, Oga aquarium area, Monzen, five temple areas greatly display about connection of 3 directions.

Please confirm when you make schedule.
Timetable, connection of JR, route bus

●The Nyudozaki-Cape area
JR Oga Line → [Oga North Line] → By connection of Nyudozaki-Cape line (reservation required), we can go to Nyudozaki-Cape and Oga hot spring (it is not necessary for there to be Oga hot spring on Nyudozaki-Cape line)

●The Oga aquarium area
JR Oga Line → [Oga North Line] → By connection of Toga Kamo Line (reservation required), we can go to Oga aquarium (we get off at Toga bus stop of Toga Kamo Line and, in around 15 minutes, can go to Toga Amimoto-Banya "mother of Toga Beach")

●Monzen, five temple areas
JR Oga Line → By connection of Oga south line, we can go to Unosaki, camellia, Monzen, five temple areas.


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