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Kitchen car of straight juice of fruit from Oga appears frequently in tourist attraction of Oga?

  • 2016-07-05 contribution: Oga navi


It is Oga where image of seafood including sandfish and Iwagaki resists, but, in fact, it is cultivated fruit such as melon and pear, blueberry or watermelon much, and the quality gets high evaluation. It is precious farm output special product, but it is the current situation that there are not many at all points of contact with tourist.

Therefore which "we want to increase the points of contact of all of you and special product of more tourists" thinks, "we want you to enjoy fruit of Oga easily", and we do haunting (?) by kitchen car in each event or tourist facility in Oga-shi, and Oga nabideha will start sale of "straight juice" using fruit from Oga.

With Oga aquarium GAO on Saturday, July 16 as a start, we are going to appear frequently in event or tourist facilities such as festival and Oga Namahage on the rocks festival, Oga Sea of Japan fireworks for Funakawa hinome city on Sunday, July 17, five temple 800 years.
Please try straight juice using fruit from Oga by all means if you find white truck which logo mark of red Namahage entered (for the time being in melon, watermelon, blueberry for each 300 yen).

In addition, as become restrictive, but is going to sell fish and chips using fish from Oga; in fun.

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