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About the situation such as suspension of traffic of road in H30.5.21 Monday Oga Peninsula

  • 2018-05-21 contribution: Sightseeing in Oga-shi section

With heavy rain from May 18, some roads are closed to traffic in Oga Peninsula.
The closed situation of major road as of 12:00 is as follows for 21 days.
◆With national highway 101 gosenseihanasaki tunnel up and down line
→To the Funakawa area can pass, but become the use of detour (city street - prefectural road Oga Peninsula Line) when go to the Akita area.

◆Prefectural road Oga Peninsula Line (the West Coast) Togakamoaosa - Funagawaminatohonzanmonzen
→Please use Namahage line in the Toga area.

In addition, there is section of one side alternation traffic, too. On for Oga smell, please go out with margin at time!

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