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Oga Navi Mail Order Oga pear began

  • 2018-09-03 contribution: Oga navi

We started sale of special product "Oga pear" of Oga.

Oga Navi Mail Order Oga pear

Horse (chuishi) district located on northeast side of Oga-shi is production center of sum pear of North Tohoku maximum. Gentle hill has good drainage in sandy area, and we add, and there is heat and cold difference of the night and day having been continued since Kanpuzan because the sea is near, and it is in good right lot to make superior pear of sweetness.
Pear to handle is more large-sized from the inside that we harvested for shipment, and Oga nabide is Oga pear which stocked only thing of high quality from farmhouse which selected carefully directly.
Please try sum pear of Oga getting high evaluation in market.


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