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About partial change of road station oga 33 Festival schedule

  • 2018-10-04 contribution: Oga navi

A schedule was changed with approach of typhoon 25 about scheduled "road station oga 33 festival" on - 8 Monday (holiday) on Saturday, October 6.

Scheduled "deep red queen crab all-you-can-stuff from Oga" is changed from 10:00 to holding the next day on 10/8 Monday (holiday) on Sunday, October 7 (going to hold with zappa stew behavior at the same time).
Scheduled "Oga gourmet stand corner" is called off outdoors in total about Sunday, October 7.

I apologize for the inconvenience, but great nuisance becomes measures that we think about security to the first to visit planned customer.
We would like one of understanding pardon.

The details of road station oga 33 Festival are this

mongo about these contents: Road station oga ogare TEL0185-47-7515

Place about partial change of road station oga 33 Festival schedule

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