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Winter reward! We operate periodical sightseeing bus⛄❄

  • 2018-11-30 contribution: Sightseeing in Oga-shi section

It is news of bus which can see the sights of winter Oga usefully♪
"Wow! Child hainega ~ to cry!"
"sukkariyaddedaga ~!"
"It is jo ranega ... on periodical sightseeing bus of JR bus Tohoku!"
We operate periodical sightseeing bus "Nyudozaki-Cape and Oga Namahage issue of cold wind" with bus guide arriving and departing at Akita Station neighborhood hotel!
(specific day of service day 2018/12/15 - 2019/2/24)
Release of ticket becomes start for one month on ride day.
In addition to guidance of bus guide who can taste simply because it is periodical sightseeing bus, easy movement, discount of facility admission charges is received, too!
For more details, it is WEB omidekerena ...!

mongo about these contents: JR Sendai Station east exit bus information desk TEL022-256-6646


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