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The gallery who used former Oga Station are OPEN for a limited time!

  • 2018-12-21 contribution: Sightseeing in Oga-shi section

"Oga station gyarari" which used former Oga Station from Saturday, December 22, 2018 opens!
Held display is two of "Aburaya korekushon display" and "Minoru Ogano photo exhibition".
Mitsuru Aburaya husband from Yokote-shi hung "Aburaya korekushon display" that attracted classic life articles more than 60 years and collected. From collection of 500,000 points, articles with relationship are displayed in Oga!
Photograph of "Namahage of Oga" who takes by "Minoru Ogano photo exhibition" that collected works of Minoru Ogano who is paparazzo that edge is deep to Namahage for 35 years, and collected is displayed. All the photographs of Namahage registered with UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage the other day are worth seeing fantastically.
Come by all means, everyone♪

☆Oga station gyarari
It is from 10:00 to 18:00 on Sunday, January 6 from Saturday, December 22
※We become sales people only for "Saturdays, Sundays and holidays" after January 7.
Former JR Oga Station
▼Admission charges
Free of charge
▼Conduct contents
・Aburaya korekushon display
From collection of 500,000 points including old life article which Mitsuru Aburaya husband from Yokote-shi runs more than 60 years and gathered, we display articles with relationship in Oga.
・Minoru Ogano photo exhibition
We display Gunma-born paparazzo, work of Minoru Ogano. We take away photograph of Namahage who takes for 35 years, and saved.

The gallery who used former Oga Station are OPEN for a limited time! It is place of this

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