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You can use various cards. It is free shipping by the purchase more than 10,000 yen nationwide! By the way, even order ships product of normal temperature service and cool delivery service only for the postage for one cool delivery service at the same time

gibasanadono seaweed

[we select carefully and adopt Oga product already and use seaweed] 250 g of melty seaweed

Unique sticky soft texture that seaweed rubs fresh seaweed with salt thoroughly gently and processed is * of maximum...

Sanko fisheries

gibasa (akamoku) 200 g

Currently, we send out at degree from order for approximately less than one week. ...

Sanko fisheries

100 g of kuromo boiling SP

It is one of the high-quality ingredients of Oga. We can just eat in soy sauce....

Oga zen good luck

torogibasa 15 g

torogibasa 15 g

450 yen [during sellout]

We have dried gibasao from Oga! Revolutionary product which we pour hot water and only mix!...

Akita Shirokami food

300 g of natural straight Eisenia bicyclis from Oga 

As for the finest Oga product Eisenia bicyclis which picks quarrel, and harvested part of leaf by traditional fishery using needle and box glasses carefully, being sticky is distinguished for flavor...

Fishing shop sea breeze

We are displaying the fifth from 1 in five

Operator information

Distributor: Oga nabi
Representative: Funaki one
Location 〒 010-0511 Funagawaminatofunagawa, Oga-shi, Akita character sea front 2-12-8
TEL: 0185-23-2465 (reception hours / weekdays from 10:00 to 17:00)
FAX: 0185-24-5044
E-mail: shop@oganavi .com

※We work on collection of cargo and, for a small number of people, may be office absence.
We would like to rehang after passing on absence for a while.

Oga nabio is Funaki of representative running.
We eat judging from own eye and use, and we are alone, and this wants to tell many people about special local cuisine and product product of Oga that felt this.
We look forward to your use.