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[fine weather rice of Oga] Taimeshi of natural red sea bream from Oga

540 yen (tax-excluded 500 yen)
[fine weather rice of Oga] Taimeshi of natural red sea bream from Oga
[fine weather rice of Oga] Taimeshi of natural red sea bream from Oga[fine weather rice of Oga] Taimeshi of natural red sea bream from Oga[fine weather rice of Oga] Taimeshi of natural red sea bream from Oga

Part, that of fish which makes grilled fish and boiled fish, and is the most delicious are head and head.
In thing called this, we fully used meat of head hoho head of natural red sea bream from Oga which we warmed by open fire slowly and carefully and cooked exquisite Taimeshi.

Taimeshi of Oga where it is fragrant and the body of sea bream full of taste and accent of ginger which let you work slightly harder are appetizing.
You keep in freezer, and, on day of slight fine weather, please inflect in color of dining table.

We do Oga nabiga product plan, and this product produces products in processing ground of Oga freezing.
Using advanced quick freezing machine CAS which Oga freezing of partner company owns, is newly made; if range improves as freeze while is warm, can enjoy steaming taste.

Inner capacity180 g
Raw materialsNonglutinuous rice (Akita product), red sea bream (Akita product), soy sauce, refined sake, ginger, mitusba, kelp ※We take soybean, wheat in a part of the raw materials
Delivery methodAbout the cool delivery service postage↓
Preservation method-Please save in 18 degrees Celsius or less
The expiration dateFrom production date 120 days
How to eatYou warm in microwave oven in state that you take off half-wrapper, film and closed the cap of, and, as freezing, please have
※It is approximately four minutes at / 500W at eyes cheap 700W of heating time for approximately three minutes
※It is mixed up by range of errand to some extent at heating time (please have after the defrosting early)
※You pay scrupulous attention and cook, but please be careful as you may be rarely contaminated with small bone
Sale timeWhole year
[fine weather rice of Oga] Product photograph of Taimeshi of natural red sea bream from Oga

[fine weather rice of Oga] Taimeshi of natural red sea bream from Oga

540 yen (tax-excluded 500 yen)
Product number393
CategoryTaimeshi, soup stock chazuke
Producer, manufacturerOga navi
Product registration day2018-11-11

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